Part Two

Statement of purpose

Health and Social Care Act 2008

Part 2

Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives

Our aims and objectives in providing the regulated activities and locations is shown in part 3 of this statement of purpose

Flexi Coventry Ltd is a small, friendly and professional company providing health and social care Treatment of Disease Disorder and Injury services in the community. Flexi was founded in 2012 to provide care staff for temporary placements to NHS Trusts, private hospitals, registered nursing/residential homes, learning disability homes (private/NHS), individual clients and other healthcare providers seeking nursing staff cover.

We provide Health and Social care to adults and older people in the community and are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide personal care from our offices at Desai House, 9-11 Holbrooks Lane, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 4AD under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014. These regulations introduced the fundamental standards for the provision of regulated activities and the care people receive must never fall. They came into force for all health and adult social care services on 1 April 2015

The Types of Services Provided

The defined Regulated Activities are delivered to a wide range of clients which include the following. 

  • Adults aged 65+
  • Adults aged 18-65
  • Physical disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities or Autistic Disorder
  • Dementia
  • Mental Health
  • Sensory impairment

Flexi Coventry Ltd provides a service which is tailored to the needs of the individual clients who can no longer manage to maintain themselves without support.  Our support services include:

•Personal care to include washing, dressing, bathing, toileting.

•Domestic duties to include washing up, cleaning, laundry etc.

•Maintenance duties to include shopping, food prep, pension collection.

•Social duties to include engaging with clients, enabling, motivating and friendship

•Monitoring duties to include medication, health related activities, recording

 appropriately tasks undertaken.

Flexi Health Ltd also provides nursing care to people with the following chronic/ medical conditions:

* Motor Neurone Disease 

* Huntingdon’s Disease

* Acquired Brain Injury 

* Spinal Injury

*Duchenne Muscular Dystorphy

* Locked in syndrome

* Epilepsy

* Tracheostomy Care

* PEG feeding and management 

* Chromosome disorder conditions. 

* Motor neurone disease  

* Brain Tumours 

* Ventilator support

* End of life/ palliative Care

Our aims and objectives are:

• To ensure that our service is safe, caring, responsive, effective and well-led.

• To ensure that each service user is assessed as an individual and to deliver their health and care needs in a person-centered way.

• To promote person-centered care; ensuring each individual’s needs, choices and preferences are listened to.

• To deliver a service that reflects each individual’s needs, choices and preferences to ensure their chosen outcomes are met. 

• To ensure our service users are full members of the community in which they are living and for them to be able to contribute to this wherever possible.  

• To treat all our service users as individuals and show them the dignity and respect that we expect of ourselves.  

• To accept people from different cultural and social backgrounds and circumstances ensuring the service is non-discriminatory and celebrates diversity

• To ensure the business abides by current legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines to protect the wellbeing and safety of service users and staff. 

• To promote a holistic approach, by working collaboratively with external healthcare professionals and service user’s friends and family all working towards the same objective. 

• To ensure that the core values of care are upheld – Privacy, Dignity, Independence, Choice, Rights and Fulfilment.

• To fully encourage service users to pursue their hobbies and leisure interests both inside and outside their home; 

• To ensure staff have available information about the service users’ faith and to enable service users to practice their religion.

•To encourage service users to contact their friends, relatives on a regular basis   

• To ensure that documents and personal information are updated, stored and shared in line with regulatory/legal requirements. 

• To have robust recruitment and selection policies; guaranteeing the safety and welfare of service users and staff.

• To be an employer that provides a safe, understanding, open and interesting environment for its staff to prosper

• To continually improve and develop the quality of staff and nurses by training and continued professional development.

• To be prudent in all our financial affairs to ensure business continuity and future investment in the business

•To be a learning organisation that improves its services through robust quality management systems and acting on feedback

• Top respect the environment around us by employing sustainable business practices and reduce our impact on the environment by striving to reduce our carbon footprint 

• To be a well-managed company that is open and transparent, complying with the principles of good corporate governance and well led principles as set out in the CQC 5 key domains. 

Corporate Statement of Good Practice

The philosophy of Flexi Health Ltd is to reflect and promote values that focus upon the individual service user being at the centre of care service planning and service delivery. To help achieve this, we have drawn upon the fundamental Core Values of Care to develop the following Service Values which will form the basis for considering the provision of an Individual Care Service:

  • Independence of personal decision-making, including the assumption of risks
  • Choice of any form of activity or lifestyle desire is maintained and supported to ensure independence can be maintained 
  • Person-centred so that we provide the care that clients actually want and need
  • Partnership orientated so that the best care can be given ensuring that clients’ confidentiality is not being broken 
  • Respect clients at all times by listening and keeping all lines of communication open and assuming capacity in all decisions-making unless proven otherwise
  • Freedom is highly important and ensuring the clients are free to express themselves as they choose maximising their liberty
  • Equality and diversity is obligatory, and no discrimination shall take place regarding a person’s gender, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or ethnicity.
  • Safeguarding against any form of abuse is always in place and robust see it/told it, report it and record it procedures are in place.